Every participant in TOLFA is asked to download a full copy to his or her computer.

Reason: security. Free speech in America is said to be firmly protected by Amendment #1, but we can be quite sure that when the government industry comes to believe that TOLFA forms a danger to its continued existence, it will certainly ignore that protection like it routinely ignores every other restriction on its power, and act to close down this web site.

When that moment comes (after 15 days or 15 years) it's vital that every TOLFA member has a copy to burn on to CDs and pass on to new students whom he introduces. Government people like this German Brownshirt in 1933 can throw books on bonfires, but not millions of separately owned CDs.*

Directions for how to download are as follows:-

First, Print out this page so as to prepare for the unexpected

Then check whether or not your PC has software that can unzip a zipped file; WinZip or equivalent. If it does, follow the left-hand procedure in the table below because that's the safer, better option. If it does not, follow that in the right-hand procedure. That's a little dangerous because .exe files can be infected with a virus by malefactors.

If you have WinZip or equivalent

Point your browser to and download it (about 3MB) as you would any other ZIP file and open it to a folder you specify. Then address [folder]/tolfa/index.html and create a shortcut as shown at 8 thru 10 in the green, RH panel opposite.
If you DO NOT have WinZip or equivalent
  1. Point your browser to
  2. From the presented options (open, save) click on save to disk
  3. A new popup window will ask where you want to save it; note down your choice
  4. A single, big file (down.exe) will then download, taking ~20 minutes on dialup.
  5. Use Windows Explorer (WE) to locate it on your hard disk and then
    (a) Run your virus scanner on that file, to make certain it's not infected and then
    (b) Open it (double left-click)
  6. A popup window will ask where you want TOLFA to store: you might pick "C:\"
  7. Then on the same popup, click "Unzip." Unzipping will take a few moments.
  8. Then WE will show you a TOLFA folder. Locate the top-level file "index.html".
  9. Right-click on it, then left-click on create shortcut.
  10. Within Windows Explorer, drag the created shortcut to your "Desktop" folder.

The job is then done. An icon will appear on your Desktop (right-click to rename as TOLFA) and for all further uses of TOLFA, you need only double left-click on that icon to start up if you wish to operate TOLFA offline. Beware however that its web-based version will be updated from time to time, with new FAQs for example; so it's recommended to use while it's available - and refresh your download every few months.

Finally use your CD-burner software to make any number of CD copies of the whole TOLFA folder - it occupies over 4 megabytes - ready to give to new students you introduce.

* As the years pass new technologies may of course improve upon the CD as a storage medium.

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